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Dr. Moinuddin Sarker, PhD, MCIC.

Vice President of Research & Development, Head of Science Team
Natural State Research, Inc.
37 Brown House Road (2nd Floor)
Stamford, CT-06902, USA


Associate Editors

Dr. Abdeltif Amrane, Institute of Chemical Sciences of Rennes, University of Rennes 1, France

Dr. Keila M.R. Duarte, Institute of Animal Science and Pastures, Lab. of Antibody Production and Immunoassays, Brazil

Dr. A. M. Abd El-Aty, Professor of Pharmacology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt


Dr. Anjuman Ara Begum, USA

Dr. Nirmal Kumar, Department of Environmental Science and Technology, Institute of Science and Technology for Advanced Studies and Research, India

Dr. Mohammed Moshiul Hoque, Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology, Bangladesh

Dr. Zuhaib Siddiqui, NED UET, Karachi, Pakistan

Dr. Mohd. Elmuntasir Ibrahim Ahmed, Environment Management Specialist, UNOPS, Ethiopia

Dr. Istiaq Ahmed, Cancer Research Institute, USA

Dr. Asok Adak, Civil Engineering Department, Bengal Engineering and Science University, India

Dr. Mehmet Sinan BİLGİLİ, Department of Environmental Engineering, Yıldız Technical University, Turkey

Dr. Muhammad Hassan Al-Malack, Department of Civil Engineering, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Chiedu Ngozi Owabor, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Benin, Nigeria

Dr. Slavoljub Dragicevic, Faculty of Geography, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Dr. R, Rajesh Kannan, Department of Chemical Engineering, Annamalai University, India

Dr. Arshad Ali, MCE-NUST, Pakistan

Dr. Qiuying Chen, College of Chemistry and Life Science, Shenyang Normal University, China

Dr. Esteban Pérez-Calderón, Teacher and researcher, University of Extremadura (UEX), Spain

Dr. J. N. Bhakta, Faculty of Agriculture, Kochi University, Japan

Dr. Nasser Fegh-hi Farahmand, Department of Industrial Management, Tabriz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, Iran

Dr. Bensafi Abd-El-Hamid, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Physics, Faculty of Sciences, Abou Bekr Belkaid University of Tlemcen, Algeria

Dr. Zakia HAMMOUCH, Professor, Faculté des Sciences & Techniques (FST), Université Moulay Ismail, Morocco

Dr. Farhad Mirzaei, Seniour Scientist on livestock Production Managemenrt at Department of LPM, Animal Science Research Institute of Iran as National Institute, Iran

Dr. Medhat Sobhy El-Sayed El-Mahllawy, Associate Professor, Housing and Building National Research Center (HBRC), EGYPT

Dr. R. W. Gaikwad, Professor, IVLP Fellow (USA), Head-Department of Chemical Engineering, Pravara Rural Engineering College, Loni, Ahmednagar (MS)-413736, India

Dr. Panqing Gao, Research Engineer, Energy & Environmental Research Center, University of North Dakota, USA

Dr. Mueen Uddin, Senior Lecturer, Department of Computing, Faculty of Computing and Technology, Asia Pacific Universiti of Technology and Innovation, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dr. Ebrahim Azarpour, Agronomy Sciences, University of Guilan , Rasht , Iran

Dr. Muhammad Arshad Ullah, Land Resources Research Institute, National Agricultural Research Centre, Park Road, Islamabad, Pakistan

Dr. George Z. Kyzas, Researcher at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Dr. M.A. Mohammed Aslam, Associate Professor, Dept of Geology, Central University of Karnataka, India

Dr. Habibolla Latifizadeh, Dept. of Maths, Faculty of Basic Sciences, Shiraz (SUTECH) University of Technology, IRAN

Dr. Sohail Ayub, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering Department, Z. H. College. Faculty of Engg. & Technology, India

Dr. Ramesh Francis, Chairperson, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Eastern Africa, Baraton, Kenya

Dr. Rajesh Chandra Verma, Asstt Professor, Deptt. of Chemistry Agra College, India
E-mail: jcb.rajesh@gmail.com

Dr. Sachin Madhavrao Kanawade, Chemical Engineering Department, Sir Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, India
E-mail: sachinkanawade2012@rediffmail.com

Dr. Arvind Bijalwan, Faculty of Technical Forestry, Indian Institute of Forest Management (IIFM), An Autonomous Institute of Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change Government of India
E.mail:- arvindbijalwan276@gmail.com

Dr. Hoss Cartwright, Senior Ranch Manager, Ponderosa Institute for Bovine Research, Nevada, USA
E-mail: hoss_e_cartwright@gmx.de

Dr. M. Chithirai Pon Selvan, Assistant Professor, School of Engineering & Information Technology, Manipal University, U.A.E
E-mail: selvan@manipaldubai.com

Dr. Mingming Zhang, Associate Professor, School of Geographical Sciences, Northeast Normal University, China
E-mail: zhangmingming16@126.com zhangmm165@nenu.edu.cn


















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