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International Journal of Environmental Engineering Science and Technology Research


ISSN:   2326-3113   (Online)

Aim and Scope

International Journal of Environmental Engineering Science and Technology Research (IJESTR) is a peer-reviewed, online open journal. It serves as an international archival forum of scholarly research related to environmental engineering science and technology research.

International Journal of Environmental Engineering Science and Technology Research (IJESTR) covers all the fields of environmentally related all topics, engineering-related all topics, science and technology-related all topics such as Plant Physiology and Ecophysiology, Environmental Protection and Management, Experimental Design and Sampling, External Marine Study, Biobusiness and Environmental Biotechnology, Energy Science and Technology, Nanomaterials, Advanced Analysis, Environmental impact, Assessment of risks from water, soil and air pollution; effective and viable remedies, Environment and sustainable development Evaluation and management of environmental risk and safety, Environmental education and training, Analysis of contaminants, Multi-media sampling/monitoring such as soil, air, water, sediment. Contaminant source characterization, transport and deposition, Quality control and quality assurance, Biotechnology, Advanced Mathematics and Physics, Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Biochemistry, Applied Electronics and Interfacing, Advanced Nanomatrials, Foundations of Physics, BioNanotechnology, Chemistry and Materials Science , Mathematical Statistics, Climate Change and Ecological Modelling, Legislative issues and guidelines, Climate change, Remediation, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Thermodynamics, Structural Engineering, Control Engineering, Process Engineering, Earth quake Engineering, Structural engineering, Textile Engineering, Polymer Engineering, Software Engineering, Information Technology, Robotics, Fluid Mechanics, Nanotechnology, Simulators, Web-based Learning, Remote Laboratories, Engineering Design Methods, Education Research, Global Projects, Process Control Engineering, Engineering Technology, Manufacturing, Automation and Mobile Robots, Virtual Reality, Image Processing, Computational Biology, Photonics, Networks, Virtual Reality, Computer Science, Bioengineering, Bioinformatics, Fabrication, Photonics Networks, Plant Biotechnology, Characterisation of Energy Efficient Materials, Communication for Science, Molecular Nanotechnology, Design and nalysis of Experiments, Ecohydrology and Climate Change, Environmental Chemistry, Data Compression, Search Engine Design, Brain Mapping, Genomics, Text Abstraction, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Applied Chemistry, Mathematics, Zoology, Botany, Pharmacy, Solid State Physics, Materials Science, General Microbiology, High Performance Computing, Marine Communities, Quantum Physics, Solid-state Science and Nanodevices,Transfusion Science, Wildlife Ecology Computer Science and Technology, Polymer Science, Information Theory, Artificial Intelligence, Bioinformatics, Soft Computing, Data Engineering, Architecture Evaluations, Design of Algorithms, Data Fusion, Computer Systems, Statistical Techniques, Genetic Algorithms, Microbiology, Statistics, Environmental engineering...... and many more fields.



















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